A WORLD PREMIERE Imagine a bird, original enough to live in the cliffs, that looks as exotic as a hummingbird and who moves like a butterfly… This is the Wallcreeper.

"This bird is simply magic, in a word, a revelation."

Extract of the foreword by Lars Jonsson
World-famous bird painter and ornithologist

This unique bird is spread across Eurasia, from Spain to China, elusive but not shy and mysterious because of its vertical life. For the very first time in the world, a film is dedicated to the wallcrepper. Its beauty, its incredible lifestyle.

An wonderfull work done by the french filmmaker and biologist Frank Neveu, during three intense years.

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Will be released in February 2013 and will then be distributed through the famous Lynx Edicions in Barcelona (creators of the Handbook of the Birds of the World, HBW). Order NOW!